• Is it Secured and Legal to Gamble Online in New Zealand

    Gambling over the internet in New Zealand is one of those situations where the individual is not sure if it is safe and legal. New Zealand has always been a little bit mysterious when it comes to technology, so why would gambling be any different right?


    Well, if you are asking if it is secured and legal to gamble online in New Zealand, you should know that the plain and simple answer is yes. It is permissible to gamble online in NZ. The only thing that you should qualify with that statement is whether the internet provider that you have chosen can operate in the country. This article aims to discuss some of the histories of the legality of NZ’s rules.



    The History Of Gambling in NZ


    Gambling is one of the oldest activities. It has been a staple of society long since the world can remember. Of course, it is not one that many conservative individuals would like, but since we should all respect what the other wants, the industry still prospers.


    In NZ, this industry began as an activity that came to the country with the first European settlers. It was a favorite activity during colonization, and it has always been part of the inhabitants of the land, or for any country for that matter.


    The first real legislation for this kind of gaming experience in the continent is the Gambling Act of 1908. Once this new law got passed, it was a change of pace since it only allowed legal casino game to take place at New Zealand's racetracks.


    The population fought back and did not agree that there needs to be a limit as to the place and as to the kind of gamble that they can do and that gave rise to the introduction of the Golden Kiwi Lottery.


    Eventually, the legality of the casino was no longer in question, and a legal casino was already set to open in NZ was in Christchurch in 1994. The next ones get given a permit to operate in the following areas:


    1. Dunedin;

    2. Queenstown;

    3. Hamilton; and

    4. Auckland.


    Trying Your Luck Out Today


    Gambling today is very different as it is illegal to operate an online casino on the country itself. That fact should not be a problem because there are residents over the age of 18 who can still legally play at casinos based overseas. So, if there is a casino that is accessible over the website and the gambler still wants in, he can choose to gamble with it.



    How Are Players Protected?


    The next question that most individuals would ask is how they will get protection if, in the first place, the casinos that they access is not one that operates in the country? The regulators make sure that they have access to all of the casinos that can get located in the network. If there is any problem, it is easy to contact the regulators, post on social media, and make sure that the casino online is already done for in just a matter of seconds and not even in a day's work.


    Speak For History


    If you are looking for something that could make you enjoy gaming, you should try to do it online. If you live in New Zealand, you should only be wary of the system that you choose and not if it is safe and legal. The best way to see if it is your kind of thing is to give it a try. Try out what Jackpot City Casino can offer you and see for yourself that gambling online can also be a little bit more rewarding than what you can think.

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